Monday, December 16, 2013


I posted a comment on the Friendly Atheist, which I occasionally (ridiculously) do, under one of two aliases.  As usual, my opinion was not only condemned, but I was condemned, even though no one knew who I was.  No big deal, in a way, except, as I told another atheist, who tend to be prickly.  We disagree a lot.  We look down on theists.  We're obnoxious.

The great atheist heroes of the ages are not necessarily my heroes.  I admire Michael Shermer, Hemant Mehta, and sometimes Sam Harris.  Who else?  Dawkins.  I'm not sure.  Hitchens?  Definitely not.  Atheist feminist bloggers?  None so far.

The good thing about the experience is that I've decided to revive this blog, to comment more on the stupidity I see in the atheist world, to research and read more, and to write more posts.  I've also decided to disable comments, because commenting can take place on other blogs.  I get wrapped up in Twitter wars and negative commenting, but I don't want to do that here.  I want to be honest, and I might censor myself if I think a post will receive criticism.  If someone wants to comment, they can do that on their own blogs.  Trackbacks will be allowed.

I am re-reading the only atheist tome I encountered as a teenager--Why I am not a Christian by Bertrand Russell.  I'm going to re-read what I remember as idiocy written by C.S. Lewis.  I'm going to comment on theists and atheists, the Bible and other religious writings, and stop being the cowardly atheist I've been thus far (although my vehicle does sport an atheist bumper sticker).  

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